Welcome to Slice of Lauren - a lifestyle and health blog run by me, ya girl

Born the baby of four in a small Texas town, I currently reside in Portland, OR and it’s true - I ain’t shy, not one bit.

If ya know me, you know I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 9-years-old and have spent the last ten years really learning how to function while struggling with an autoimmune disease. From finding natural products that work for my skin to making sure I get outside and move my body to figuring out what kind of diet works best for me, dealing with the physical and mental toll psoriasis can take on my soul has become a big part of my story. My hope is to provide a little bit of light on how to live life fully while dealing with an autoimmune disease.

Slice of Lauren was created as a space to share travels, favorite products, and little reminders that you are worthy of a life full of joy and self-love.