I Asked for Wedding Planning Advice, Here's What I Got


LISTEN, GUYS. Getting engaged is fun (photo by the best Lauren Apel.) Getting engaged after being together five years is really fun. Our story was simple and perfect, with the proposal being just the two of us in the Palo Duro Canyon followed by quality time with my family - what a danged ol dream! Howeverrrr, a few weeks after we got engaged, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed on how the heck to plan a wedding, get it all right, not forget anything, etc etc. So, I turned to my trusty Instagram followers and posted a story asking if anyone had ever planned a wedding or been part of a wedding what:

  1. Was the best decision they made?

  2. Did they regret?

  3. Were their woulda/coulda/shouldas?

  4. Advice they would give to a girl and boy who are planning their big day?

I had quite a few replies asking me if I could share the results, so here they are.
NOTE: This is NOT my advice, but is advice given to me from others. I add my two cents here & there.

  • The most common answer was definitely to get a day-of planner, especially if you’re having a lot of people. The last thing a bride needs to be worried about is if everyone is in the right place when the time comes time to take pictures. and HONESTLY I am not about yelling at my family and friends on my wedding day, so hire someone else to do it :)

  • Prioritize the top 2-3 things that are the most important to you. Helps with budgeting if you have priorities set on the front end

  • Don’t skimp on photography. With both Jeremy and I being photographers, this is something I stand by COMPLETELY. You get what you pay for and if there’s one day to really save up for photos, I truly believe this is it

  • The second most common answer was to find the money for a videographer. While I think pictures are the priority I do think (from what my friends have told me) having the video to go back and watch is pretty great. I would image the day is going to be ~crazy~ and there are just so many moments you don’t see. If you are able to bring in a videographer, it sounds like something most couples are glad they did

  • Do a first look with just the bride and groom. Wedding day can be wild and this will be one of the only times that the two of you will be alone together

  • Have someone make a plate for the bride and the groom to eat by yourselves. Another tiny moment alone in the middle of the chaos and ALSO don’t forget to eat (like I could ever!!)

  • Wear a comfy dress. LISTEN, this is a non-negotiable for me. If you know you know I L-O-V-E getting down to some old school 90s & 2000s hip hop and my wedding day will be no exception

  • Lock in a venue ASAP

  • Don’t have a bachelorette with too many girls. Keep it intimate.

  • Try to avoid letting your family offer their “pro services”

  • One answer was that the couple allowed beer and wine during their ceremony that was outside and their guests loved it

  • Get married on a non-traditional day. Really! My pal is getting married on a Monday and said it’s the best decision they’ve made

  • Do it small. Invite only your closest friends and family and forget whose feelings you hurt

  • Hire a good DJ, make sure they know what you want them to play and give them a playlist. This can make or break the reception

  • Make sure the ceremony is a party — ALSO a non-negotiable for your girl L Simps. C U ON THA DANCE FLOOR Y’ALL

  • Find a venue that allows you to BYOB, such as your parents or a friends house. Saves a ton of money and you can buy the booze in bulk

  • Remember to not stress over the small things

  • Tell the places that charge $$$ just to rent their spaces to go F*** themselves (hey, never say I’m not honest with y’all lol)

  • If the bride is planning most of the wedding, ask the groom to start planning the honeymoon then jump in with your thoughts

  • Take a day of rest before leaving for your honeymoon.

  • Set boundaries. Gently remind your mom/sister/best friend that it is your day, not theirs (if you have to.)

  • And last but certainly not least - don’t waste energy on making others happy — it’s YOUR day!!

Cheers to a wedding day full of love and laughter, y’all.


Lauren Simpson